We studied the Top 25 co-working spaces in the world. Here's what you can learn.


Filipa Canelas

11/9/2021 3 min read

As more people choose hybrid and remote working schedules, coworking spaces are a growing trend.

It's also been shown that coworking spaces foster productivity, collaboration, and better work. You can read more about the benefits of coworking spaces here.

"We expect to see a growing number of flexible workers try coworking – and a growing number of employers embracing coworking as a tool to help their increasingly mobile and flexible workforce to do their best work."

Money Magazine

This is why we wanted to study the top 25 coworking spaces globally and see what they can teach us about building successful coworking spaces.

If you want to improve your coworking space, the insights in this blog post will help you make your coworking space more appealing to current and new members.

Successful Coworking Spaces Invest in Technology.

The best coworking spaces in the world invest heavily in technology to create an environment that appeals to a broader range of users: from the less digital ones to tech-savvy's.

High-speed wifi, printing, IT support, and projectors are a must-have in the top coworking spaces in the world. You don't want to force your users to find other solutions for their needs.

A common practice is offering pre-designed packages, which include the use of specific meeting rooms and other coworking features such as printing or catering services.

However, these are just the starting point for the most successful coworking spaces.

They also offer a digital desk booking solution (or hot desking), live analytics of the occupation rate of the coworking space, and automatic payment plans for recurring users.

After all, technology creates a sense of community and increases collaboration.

These factors make the users feel inspired about working in your space and keep coming back to it regularly.

Community is the most critical aspect of a Coworking Space.

A strong community is what keeps your members coming back to the coworking space regularly.

In fact, the community is the most essential factor distinguishing top coworking spaces from good ones and the number one reason people choose one over another.

The best coworking spaces in the world have an inspiring atmosphere that makes users feel welcomed and connected with other users around them. This sense of belonging increases productivity, collaboration, and creativity.

They also have a clear mission statement, which acts as an inspiration to their members. This can be anything from supporting start-up entrepreneurs or helping women network.

Interestingly, the best coworking spaces combine community with technology by providing a digital solution for members to get to know each other, find common interests, and discuss collaboration opportunities.

An Inspiring Coworking Environment

The best coworking spaces in the world invest in design to create the optimal environment for their target user.

For example, tech-savvy members might prefer a more modern and minimalistic look, while other target groups would appreciate comfortable seating arrangements and childcare services.

In fact, coworking space businesses have realized that designing an inspiring environment will attract the members they want.

Most of them provide ergonomic furniture, plants, and other elements to decorate their coworking space.

These spaces feel less like a workplace but rather an inspiring environment where creativity can flourish.

Design is important because it creates the first impression on your members when they visit the space for the first time. It also helps you build your presence, which is essential for attracting new members and maintaining existing ones.

Above all, it increases productivity and fosters community because users feel inspired to work in an environment that they enjoy being in. That's what makes them want to come back on a regular basis.

Here's how to improve your coworking space.

What makes the top coworking spaces in the world stand out is that they provide a solution to a specific need.

By understanding their target users, they create an environment that fulfills those needs and encourages collaboration among the community.

In addition, coworking spaces invest in technology by providing wifi, printers, projectors, and desk booking technology to bring convenience.

Furthermore, they offer pre-designed packages, including specific meeting rooms and other coworking features. All these factors make members feel inspired about working in your space and keep coming back to it on a regular basis.

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